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3D Printing in Mackay

Looking for small scale one off parts or samples of your fabrications or components?

Want to see your dream home before spending hundreds of thousands, without spending thousands on a scale model?

Take a look at Print In 3D for Printing in Mackay,

Updates for the Raspberry Pi Project – Raspbery Pi Media Centre

Raspbery Pi Media Centre

An update to the Raspberry Pi Project as it nears final production stages to be ready.

The Raspberry Pi we ordered and have been testing has proven to be quite a responsive device, and with the release of teh 512MB version, its only getting better. Using it as a Home Media Centre, it has allowed us to turn a normal tv with hdmi, into a powerful station, where you can stream movies, browse video sites such as youtube and vevo, check the weather, stream music and audio. All while using the remote from your TV, and at a cost that everyone will be able to afford.

Further updates will be posted when the box is available for purchase.

Torque Enterprises Has its Online Presence

Check out the new Torque Enterprises website, Designed by Ruzweb, it showcases all their services such as FabricationPowertrain Component Overhauls3D Drafting services by our in house Mechanical Design EngineerUnderground Equipment RepairsComponent Dyno Testing and Franna Crane Hire.

All this is leading up to their Grand Opening, Be sure to take a look.

Looking for Quality Affordable Crab Pots?

Take a look at one of our upcoming projects for Quality Affordable Crab Pots, Rusty’s Pots are made from high quality Materials and are sold to you at very cheap prices. 

Take a look at

Rapid Prototyping now available

Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data.

With the acquisition of a new 3D printing machine, Ruzweb can now provide you with 3d modelling services up to 140mm X 140mm X 135mm.

Visit us at Print-In-3D

Raspberry Pi Project


Keep an eye out for some interesting updates, We have just acquired a RaspberryPi, a credit card sized mini pc, and are currently testing some apps for the tiny PC.

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